الملكية الفكرية وبراءات الاختراع

من المعلوم أن براءات الاختراع ترتبط بابداعات فكرية ينتجها أهم عضو ميز الله عز وجل به الانسان عن سائر المخلوقات ألا وهو العقل. تلك الابداعات.

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مكتب المنح والدعم الدولي

يعتبر المكتب مبادرة طموحة تهدف إلى تعزيز أنشطة البحوث من قبل الباحثين والحصول على الدعم المالي الكافي من قبل الجامعة.

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مكتب نقل وتسويق التكنولوجيا

لا شك أننا نؤمن جميعًا بأن العالم أجمع فى تطور وتقدم دائم مضطرد فى مختلف المجالات العلمية والاقتصادية والتجارية هذا التقدم يحتم على الدول ..

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TICO-ZC in Research office & DAAD cairo Akademie are Kindly Inviting You To Apply For The Upcoming Module

"Presentation Skills”

On Thursday, 15th March 2018 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Workshop Venue: Room S14 HIMS, Zewail City Campus, October gardens

How to Apply:

Application Deadline: As places are limited only 25 participant, we kindly ask you to register latest by: 28/2/2018

Please note that the announcement link is a private. 

This means the module is not visible for public on the DKA website. The application is only possible via this link above.



  • Perception
  • The 4 P’s ( Plan, Prepare, Practice & Present )
  • Communication : The 3 V’s ( Verbal, Vocal & Visual )
  • Mastering Body Language
  • Handling Difficult Questions
  • Case Studies / Videos
  • Persuasion
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Role Play

Learning Outcome:

By the end of the module, participants will be able to:

· Understand  & manage Perception

· Learn the theoretical components of Presentation Skills - the 4P’s

· Learn how to manage the stage

· Learn from practice  in a safe environment

· Identify all blind spots ( areas of development ) from feedback

· Learn the art of rhetoric / persuasion

Training Methods:

  • Presentation of theoretical part, exercises, open discussions, self assessment, case study, group work and action plans

Workshop Guidelines: 

  • Workshop free of charge for ZC members 
  • Participants who have not registered for the module via the DKA online portal are neither allowed to attend the module, nor will they receive a certificate.   
  • The participation during the whole day of the module is mandatory for receiving a certificate. Participants missing more than 30 minutes of the module will not receive a certificate.

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